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What does the abbreviation MVGM mean?

2 years ago

MVGM. These four letters form the name of the top tier European Property Management organization. Yet what does it stand for? As we grow internationally, many relations and clients are curious. The answer to this question gives insight in the history and the growth path of MVGM. Join us on this journey.

A history reaching back to 1953

The specialization in Property Management originated in the Netherlands in the fifties. Real estate agencies expanded into insurance and later on also in the management of real estate. In 1953 the multinational Unilever decided to outsource the Property Management of its entire real estate portfolio. Up until that point they managed the properties themselves and insurer Meeùs took over. The first comprehensive properties were managed by a third party.

Joseph Meeùs and sons

Meeùs was founded in the twenties by Joseph Meeùs, a representative from the Dutch city Breda. He found interest in insurers as he had some car damage himself caused by an accident. In 1927 he opened his own insurance agency starting with car- and fire insurance and shortly after opening he broadened with mortgages and realty. In 1953 Property Management was added to the service portfolio. Joseph Meeùs passed away at the age of 52 when Meeùs was one of the largest insurance agencies in North-Brabant, a Dutch province. The sons of Joseph took the company over and sold Meeùs Group to AEGON in 2000.

Real estate service providers combined forces

Following the controversial choice of Unilever to outsource, many Dutch insurers expanded their core business by buying real estate agencies. In 2002 a large number of real estate service providers (among which Kamerbeek Groep, Baneke Graffner, Kamminga, van Calcar, Crab Noomen, Kentron en Christaan Smit) reunited into one organization: Meeùs. Initially Meeùs had four independent business units. Three years later these business units were transformed into three divisions and independent private companies with focus on Insurance, Realty and Property Management.

First Dutch Property Management organization

Menno van der Horst and I (current co-owners of MVGM) were hired by Meeùs to restructure the four business units into one company with property management as core business. Property Management in the Netherlands had always been a spin-off of the core business: insurance. To separate the Property Management from insurer Meeùs, Menno and I choose to continue with the brand Meeùs VastGoed Management. In 2007 Meeùs VastGoed Management was shortened into the abbreviation MVGM.

MVGM Management Buy Out in 2008

A Management Buy Out followed in 2008 and Menno and I founded the first independent property management organization in the Netherlands with some 300 employees. We are still very proud of this.

Meeùs remained one of the largest Dutch service providers in insurances, mortgages and realty for years. In 2017 AON bought Meeùs (Unirobe Meeùs Group) from AEGON and in 2019 the brand Meeùs was integrated into AON.

Innovating in Property Management

The Netherlands did not know Property Management focused organizations aside from MVGM for years. As exploitation costs grow and needs of tenants became more demanding, more competitors with Property Management as its core business were established in the Netherlands and abroad. Despite this, MVGM always recognized the urge to develop and innovate and is still anticipating onto the changing needs of owners and users. MVGM has the flexibility to innovate and remain leading in the Netherlands and since 2019 also internationally.

Continuous striving for a pleasant user experience

Property Management is a profession in its own right. Even if a property is close to perfect in a technical perspective, the tenants and users may have a less satisfying experience. It is up to the property manager to strive for a pleasant user experience while maintaining a good technical state of the building. This asks for empathy, whether it concerns an office, a shopping mall or a home. As Property Management is our core business for about 70 years now, we are good at this. And we will keep striving for the best for our clients, tenants, employees and other stakeholders. So that at our 100 year anniversary we will be the leading property manager, not only in the Netherlands yet also in the rest of Europe.