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MVGM and PropertyFirst support non-profit organizations throughout Germany in the Corona crisis

6 months ago

The Corona crisis brings us all closer together and it makes us once again aware of who is particularly affected by such situations and where the volunteers and organizations are reaching their limits. The MVGM Group is not a company that can convert its production to produce masks or protective clothing, nor is it a restaurant that can be converted into a delivery service for the needy. We therefore provide financial support to some of the organizations that are heavily involved in this area. We are happy to be able to help those who need our help most.

This fundraising campaign of the MVGM Group takes place throughout Europe – in all 10 countries where we are represented, we support a wide range of organizations.

Thorsten Czoske, COO of MVGM Property Management Deutschland GmbH und Andreas Flechtner, Managing Director of PropertyFirst GmbH: We hope and look forward to making life a little bit easier for at least some of the people who are especially in need of help.

In Germany our donations go to the following social institutions and organizations:

Tafel Deutschland e.V.


The corona crisis poses a great challenge for this organization “Die Tafeln”: Food and material donations are decreasing, those active in the Tafel remain at home because they belong to the risk group due to their age, and the Tafel operation must be reorganized to protect the health of everyone. Many locations have stopped working for the time being. But even if a part of “Die Tafel” is temporarily closed locally, they still service those in need directly at home where possible. And – there are still running costs, such as rent and insurance. In the long term, the coronavirus threatens the existence of many Tafel operations. They are dependent on financial support.

“Die Arche” Kinderstiftung Christliches Kinder- und Jugendwerk


Since a few weeks, all Arche sites throughout Germany have been closed in order to contain the spreading corona virus. For the children and families, however, this unfortunately means that they will have to do without the free food supply in the Arche, in the school and also in the day-care center for an indefinite period of time. All the more reason for the Arche staff to be there for these families and to bring them urgently needed food and hygiene articles during house calls.

Off Road Kids Stiftung


Corona: rush on www.sofahopper.de due to domestic violence and family problems. In the Corona crisis, the digital street work stations of the Off Road Kids Foundation are becoming a lifeline for young people who are threatened with being kicked out of their homes. The help system of Off Road Kids is holding up and is being expanded in the Corona crisis, but more donations are urgently needed, to be able to maintain the work and to adjust the services to the extended needs of children and young people on the streets of Germany.

Aufsuchende medizinische Hilfe für Wohnungslose Bochum e. V.


The association has set itself the task of providing basic medical care to homeless and needy people who, due to their social circumstances, receive little or far too late medical assistance, and of establishing contacts for further treatment. Through donations they finance first aid as well as medicine and bandaging material.